Unterlagen für eine Monographie der Mantodea (Insecta) des südlichen Afrika: 2. Bestimmungstabellen für die höheren Taxa, Nachträge zum Artenbestand.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Journal:Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien
Start Page:19
Keywords:Chloroma ntis nom.n., family group, genus group., higher taxa, keys, Mantodea, Southern Africa

Part 2 of the materials to a monograph on the Mantodea of Southern Africa includes keys to the families and subfamilies, to the genera and subgenera. These keys were based on detailed studies on a comprehensive material (see KALTENBACH 1996). A large number of figures supports the descriptions of distinctive characters and facilitate identifying African Mantodea, particularly with regard to the more difficult taxa. Supplementary notes on some species of Southern Africa Mantodea will complete the concerning articles and also the checklist in part I of this paper. Hapalomantis minima (WERNER), recorded from Angola in KALTENBACH (1996) must be deleted from the list of the Mantodea known from Angola. Paramantis nyassana (GIGLlO-Tos), ascertained in the present paper from Zimbabwe, was hitherto unknown in Africa south of the Zambezi-River. A significant eidonomic character for distinguishing Antistia vicina KALTENBACH and A. maculipennis STAL is described and figured.

Chloromantis nom.n. is given for Chiromantis GIGLIO-Tos, 1915 [Chiromantis PETERS, 1854, Anura Rhacophoridae].

Taxonomic name: 
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