Dowload back issues of MSG Newsletter

All the MSG Newsletters are available to be downloaded.  Newsletter 27 contains an index to all the volumes.  In addition, an index is available on this website - see "MSG Index Items" on the menu above.

The first Mantis Study Group Newsletter was produced in August 1996.  For the first four years there was plenty of material being written for the quarterly newsletters.  However, by 2000 contributions were diminishing and in mid 2001 there was nothing to put in the August issue; the scarcity of articles continued and after the combined May & August 2002 issue the next did not appear until August 2003.  By this stage it was clear the MSG newsletter could not continue.  There were no more until Newsletter 27 in October 2007; this was produced as the final newsletter to tidy up a few loose ends and to publish an index to the Newsletters.

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