Instructions for contributors

To contribute to the site you need to be a registered user with contributor status.  When you have registered as a user, to be given contributor status you should email - make sure you put MSG website in the subject box. 

Once you have contributor status

Please read the copyright information below before you contribute to the site. 

To contribute click on the appropriate item in the Create Content menu on the left hand side of the page and follow the instructions.   Your contribution is only saved when you click on the Submit button - go to the bottom of the page, click on Preview to see how your entry will appear, then at the bottom of the page click on Submit.  To make changes after you have submitted your content go to your entry and click on Edit at the top of the page; when you finish editing remember to click Submit.

Clicking on Contributor help page on the left-hand menu will bring you back to this page.

Copyright notice

If you add your own photographs there is no problem.  If you add photos taken by anyone else please ensure you have their permission.

If you add a pdf file of a publication to the Literature database you must ensure that you are not breaking the copyright rules.  Copyright extends for 70 years after the death of the author.  If the author is still alive or died after 1945 you need permission from the author or their estate.

To add photographs

This section need revising since the changes to the Scratchpad System took effect.

To add to the Literature database

To attach a pdf file -  - This section need revising since the changes to the Scratchpad System took effect.

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