Records of the genus Citharomantis Rehn, 1909 from Borneo (Insecta: Mantodea: Hymenopodidae: Acromantinae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:P. E. Bragg
Journal:Sepilok Bulletin
Start Page:1
Date Published:06/2008
Keywords:Acromantinae, Borneo, Citharomantis, distribution, Hymenopodidae, Mantodea, Peninsular Malaysia., Sumatra

The praying mantis genus Citharomantis Rehn, 1909 is a monotypic genus known only from Sumatra and Borneo.  The species is easy to recognise but, until a single record was published in 2007, there were no specific locality records for Borneo; it is recorded here from five new localities: two in Sabah, one in Sarawak, one in Peninsular Malaysia, and one in Sumatra.  The characteristics of the genus are briefly outlined and illustrations are provided to distinguish it from the related genus Acromantis Saussure, 1870.  The female of Citharomantis falcata Rehn, 1909 is illustrated for the first time.

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