An Introduction to Rearing Praying Mantids

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:P. E. Bragg
Series Editor:P. E. Bragg
Publisher:P.E. Bragg
ISBN Number:0 9531195 0 5

The book describes methods of rearing and breeding praying mantids.  Headings include: An introduction to praying mantids, Types of mantids, Structure of mantids, Mantids in captity, Cages, Feeding, Breeding, Sexing, Mating, Egg laying, Identification, Preserving mantids, Obtaining mantids, Distributing mantids, and Sources of further information.

The book is illustrated with 10 black and white drawings, plus one on the front cover.  The drawings illustrate six different species of mantids, how to distinguish the sexes, details of the fore leg, and an internal view of an egg case.

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