Scientific Papers

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Lichtenstein, AAH1796Insecten.
Lichtenstein, AAH1802A dissertation on two Natural Genera hitherto confounded under the name of Mantis
Macleay, WS1827Orthoptera
Westwood, JO1842Insectorum novorum Centuria.
Wood-Mason, J1876On some remarkable species of Mantidae.
Wood-Mason, J1876Description of a new species of Mantidae.
Wood-Mason, J1876Description of a new species of Mantidae with pointed eyes.
Wood-Mason, J1876On some remarkable species of Mantidae
Wood-Mason, J1880On the Systematic Position of some little-known Asiatic Mantodea, with Descriptions of two new Species belonging to the Genus Hestias.
Wood-Mason, J1880Description of Sigerpes occidentalis, the Type of a new Genus of Mantodea from West Africa
Redtenbacher, J1889Beitrag zur Orthopteren-Fauna von Turkmenien
Kirby, WF1889The Zoology of the Afghan Delimitation Commission - Orthoptera.
Wood-Mason, J1890Description of anew Genus and Species (Parymenopus Davisoni) of Mantodea from the Oriental Region.
Wood-Mason, J1890Description of Triaenocorypha Dohertii, the type of a new Genus and Species of Mantodea.
K. von Wattenwyl, B1893Revision du System des Orthopteres et description des especes rapportes par M. Leonardo Fea de Birmanie.
Giglio-Tos, E1894Viaggio del dott. Alfredo Borelli nella Repubblica Argentina e nel Paraguay.
Brunner_von_Wattenwyl, K1898Orthopteren des Malayischen Archipels (Mantodea). Gesammelt von Prof. Dr. W. Kükenthal in den Jahren 1893 u. 1894
Giglio-Tos, E1898Viaggio del Dott. A. Borelli nel Chaco Boliviano e nella Republica Argentina.
Giglio-Tos, E1898Viaggio del Dr. Enrico Festa nella Repubblica dell'Ecuador e regioni vicine.
K. von Wattenwyl, B1898Orthopteren des Malayischen Archipels.
Kirby, WF1899On a Collection of Mantidae fom the Transvaal &c. formed by Mr. W. L. Distant.
Giglio-Tos, E1900Viaggio del Dr. A. Boreili nel Matto Grosso e nel Paraguay.
Kirby, WF1900Monograph of Christmas Island - Orthoptera
Rehn, JAG1901Some necessary changes and corrections in names of Orthoptera
Rehn, JAG1901The Linnean Genus Gryllus
Rehn, JAG1902American Orthoptera
Rehn, JAG1902Notes on some generic names employed by Serville, in the Revue Methodique, and Fieber, in the Synopsis du Europaischen Orthopteran
Shelford, R1903Bionomical notes on some Bornean Mantidae.
Rehn, JAG1903Notes and remarks on North American Blattidae, Mantidae and Phasmidae, with a catalogue of the Forficulidae, Blattidae, Mantidae & Phasmidae recorded from Texas.
Rehn, JAG1903Studies in Old World Mantidae (Orthoptera).
Kirby, WF1904Synonymic Catalogue of Orthoptera - Mantidae & Phasmidae.
Caudell, AN1905Kirby's Catalogue of Orthoptera
Rehn, JAG1907Notes on the Orthoptera of Costa Rica, with descriptions of new species.
Giglio-Tos, E1907Ortotteri di Madagascar.
Rehn, JAG1909A contribution to the knowledge of the Orthoptera of Sumatra.
Giglio-Tos, E1911 Mantidi Esotici I.
Giglio-Tos, E1911Mantidi Esotici II, III, IV.
Rehn, JAG1912On some African Mantidae and Phasmidae in the Collection of the Deutschen Entomologischen Museum
Rehn, JAG1912On a collection of Javanese Mantidae and Phasmidae (Orthoptera)
Giglio-Tos, E1912Mantidi Esotici V.
Caudell, AN1912Notes on the mantid genus Gonastista Sauss.
Giglio-Tos, E1913Genera Insectorum - Mantodea Perlamantinae.
Giglio-Tos, E1914Mantidi Esotici VII. Vatinae.
Giglio-Tos, E1914Mantidi Esotici VI.
Giglio-Tos, E1915Mantidi esotici. VIII. Acromantinae
Giglio-Tos, E1915Mantidi Esotici VIII. Acromantinae.
Giglio-Tos, E1915Mantidi esotici. Generi e specie nuove.
Giglio-Tos, E1915Mantidi esotici. Generi e specie nuove.
Giglio-Tos, E1916Mantidi esotici. Generi e specie nuove.


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